How Regular Visits To A Dental Hygienist Can Impact Your Health

Though it may be common knowledge to visit the dentist regularly, many choose to prolong their appointments until they find themselves suffering. The best way to avoid those unpleasant emergencies and receive instructions on proper oral care is to see a dental hygienist regularly. Specializing in preventative treatment, the registered professional provides a number of services that can improve your oral health and can impact longevity in your life.

Dental Health Education
The dental hygienist provides a wealth of information on dental care that dentists rarely share in a typical visit. From demonstrations on brushing and flossing properly to tooth paste and mouth wash recommendations, nutritional food options for maintaining healthy teeth, preventative cleaning and teeth whitening; the hygienist is the professional to consult with for your oral healthcare inquiries.

Preventative Care
We’re familiar with the adage that states: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Well, regular visits to the dental hygienist for you and your family is a preventative measure in dental care as they perform a number of processes such as: preventing plaque buildup, stop bleeding gums that can result in gum disease, checking for cavities, defective fillings, oral infections and address issues such as tooth grinding, sensitivity, headaches, perform oral cancer screenings and detect potential oral health issues that can lead to greater problems.

General Health Watch
Poor dental hygiene can take a toll on your general health—particularly after a certain age—but it can absolutely result in some forms of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, respiratory problems, strokes, kidney disease, put pregnant women at risk for delivering pre-term babies and increase the probability of dementia.

Indications of serious health issues can oftentimes be detected early through changes in oral care. Dental hygienists are masterful as they have been known to discover vitamin deficiencies, acid reflux and osteoporosis through regular check-ups and recommend testing from medical specialists.

Deep cleaning
The removal of plaque buildup is critical to your general dental health. Left unchecked, plaque hardens into tartar deposits that ultimately weaken your gums resulting in gum disease and tooth extractions. The hygienist can also remove teeth stains resulting from tobacco use, alcohol, tea and coffee and revive your natural color. As well, deep cleanings are essential to maintaining overall health.

Bad Breath
We’ve all had an experience with that certain individual whose bad breath (or Halitosis) is so offensive; it could be detected throughout the room. The bad odor is the result of bacteria hiding beneath the gum line that requires a dental professional (the hygienist) to access and remove.

Affordable Visits
Visits to the dental hygienist are affordable for individuals and families. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides 100% coverage on preventative dental procedures. Under the ACA, any American over the age of 18 is automatically eligible for free dental care under most medical insurance schemes.

Dental Hygiene Care Clinics at Colleges and Universities provide inexpensive and effective treatment provided by students and supervised by licensed dentists and registered dental hygienists. For as little as $20 you can receive a comprehensive assessment involving your medical and dental history; an effective oral hygiene regimen to ensure dental maintenance.

Appointments can extend approximately 2- 4 hours and services include:

• Medical History
• Blood Pressure Screening
• Oral Cancer Screening
• Periodontal Disease Screening
• Screening for Dental Caries
• Radiographs
• Pit and Fissure Sealants
• Scaling and Root Planning
• Fluoride Treatment
• Dietary Counseling to Prevent Tooth Decay
• Oral Hygiene Instruction
• Polishing
• Follow-up Periodontal Maintenance Therapy
• Dental Referral

Choosing to skip regular visits to a hygienist can be detrimental and lead to severe dental issues that could have been easily avoided. Preventative care not only saves you tens of thousands of dollars in oral treatment—but more importantly—can prolong the life of your teeth. A healthy set of pearly whites are not only attractive, but an indication of good dental care.

Find a dental hygienist near you and schedule an appointment for you and your family today.

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