9 Vacation Destinations That DO NOT Require A Passport

Vacation Destinations That do not Require A Passport

A well-deserved vacation to some beautiful exotic paradise is calling you… The idea of sun-drenched days, serene beaches, and starry nights transports you into a tropical fantasy land. Then reality strikes—and dangling in front of you is a hefty price tag—plus a passport requirement adding to your expenses. But hey, wait!

Listed below you’ll find NINE vacation destinations to consider for US citizens where no passport is required. Yes, if you’re not among the 44% Americans that have a valid passport (according to the U.S. State Department), you’re still good to go! There are a number of fun and exciting adventures awaiting you at various destinations.


The Caribbean island is a tropical paradise and an official territory of the United States. Relax on sparkling beaches, stroll through the rain forests, explore island adventures, tour historic sites, and learn about Puerto Rico’s unique history.

You’ll love the city life with its vibrant culture, traditional markets, authentic cuisine, music, architecture, museums, and a lively nightlife. All in all, it’s a fantastic celebration of life that you don’t want to miss.


St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John are three tropical islands (that are US territories) where you can experience an amazing vacation without a passport.


Home to one of the most magnificent harbors in the western hemisphere, St. Thomas boasts the most-visited port in the Caribbean. The mountainous paradise has over 40 secluded beaches with streams of crystal blue water running along sun-drenched coasts. In St. Thomas you can enjoy a thriving city life, pulsating culture, and sumptuous cuisine. Revel in a plethora of adventures including watersports, hiking, biking, sea trekking, Marine Gardens, aquariums, golf, and gliding across the sky tram.


This charming Caribbean wonder appeals to adventure seekers and those looking to relax in a tropical paradise. Enjoy endless beaches of turquoise waters, white sand, spectacular water activities, exquisite resorts with casinos, and world-renowned golfing.

Immerse yourself in their profound culture, historically diverse architecture, artisan fairs, and culinary demonstrations. This enchanting place is ideal for a private getaway for lovers as well as a very tranquil, family-friendly destination with places to worship, go hiking, or to enjoy horseback riding.


St. John is the diamond in the rough of the Virgin Islands and a perfect destination for free-spirited nature lovers. Visit national parks, big mountains, and tropical forests. Smaller than the other U.S. Virgin Islands—and mainly accessible by boat—St. John is a community of friendly islanders with secluded beaches, lots of hiking, watersports, lively beaches, and a sparkling nightlife with culinary offerings to satisfy all tastes.

Want to visit all three islands in one vacation? Reserve your stay on the relaxing island of St. Croix and schedule day trips to St. Thomas and St. John by ferry or a quick plane ride.


As the southernmost city within the continental USA, Key West, Florida is a happy place of beaches, watersports, exciting nightlife, palatial homes, museums, shopping, and artistic culture. The tropical wonder has served as a haven for writers, musicians, pirates, smugglers, and fishermen.

It’s relatively small, comparatively speaking, and much of its pristine beauty has been exchanged for high-rise resorts, bars, restaurants, and high-end retail stores. The lush atmosphere remains casual and laid-back with amazing sunsets worth celebrating.


With its pristine sand and crystal clear ocean waters, Guam is the quiet jewel of the Mariana Islands, known for its beaches and fascinating diving. It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, families, watersport adventurers, and even a girls’ trip.

Nestled in the South East Asia region in the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find world-class hotels, tax-free shopping, waterfalls, coral reefs, coconut trees, a vibrant culture, and an opportunity to take in information about World War II.


Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii is an island nestled in the South Pacific known as American Samoa. This vacation destination has a host of primitive beaches and some of the best snorkeling on the planet.

Renowned for its unique culture, natural beauty, awesome adventures, and warm and friendly people; it is a special place with its music, dance, and artistic expression indicative of Polynesian life. Unspoiled with few visitors, it truly makes for a one-of-a-kind vacation.


Home to world-famous beaches, luxurious resorts and ocean sports, active volcanoes, epic waterfalls, and tropical rainforests—Hawaii offers endless adventure. In perfect weather (all year round) you can experience the dynamic culture of music, dance, heavenly cuisine, tropical fruits, and flowers.

Engage your senses with Hawaii’s exotic floral scents as you’re drawn into the warm and friendly vibe of the “Aloha spirit.” From local craftsmen to high-end boutiques, the tropical hotspot offers a variety of shopping avenues to revel in. You can also choose to go whale watching, take a helicopter tour, see awe-inspiring scenery or engage in Hawaii’s sensational nightlife.

P.S. The sunrises and sunsets are especially spectacular!


Choosing an Alaska vacation is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. As one of the most extraordinary destinations known to man, Alaska has a unique blend of diverse terrain, awe-inspiring natural beauty, ice-age glaciers, mountainous snowy peaks, fjords, wildlife, and grand forests.

Often referred to as the “Last Frontier,” Alaska is filled with wide-open spaces, breathtaking scenery, national parks, endless acres of untouched nature, and the northern lights with unique winter sports and numerous hiking opportunities.

If you’re among the vast majority of Americans that do not hold a valid passport, it does not have to deter your dreams of exotic and adventurous travel.

There are numerous destinations to choose from that do not require the document. Should you decide to broaden your horizons and travel abroad, securing a passport will afford you the worldwide freedom that dreams are made of.

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