Attract What You Want By Feeling Good!

Like most of us, our mood or the way we feel is largely determined by our present reality. When things are going well, we feel good. When we receive bad news or fail in an endeavor, experience a breakup or find ourselves in financial straits, our moods spirals downwardly.

As I understand the Law of Attraction, we attract what we want with our thoughts. In all living existence there is energy that is vibrational. We measure where we are vibrationally based on our thoughts and feelings. Are you optimistic, joyful and eager about your future? Or, are you pessimist seeing the preverbal glass half empty? Good energy fuels our vibrational frequency which improves our point of attraction. When we’re feeling bad, we open the door to negativity and delay the process of manifestation.

Since “like attracts like,” where we put our focus is what we can expect in return to show up in our lives. Oftentimes we wonder why the same thing—that we do not want—continuously shows up in our world. It is our attention to the matter that keeps the vibration of it active. Take your focus off of “what is.” Otherwise you impose interference and block the path for what you do want from arriving. You cannot be in a positive and negative mindset at the same time and expect good results.

There’s significant meaning in the songwriter’s lyrics that simply says: “Don’t worry, be happy!” The easy, breezy phrase is a powerful tip for living a more enjoyable, prosperous life. It is through that happy, positive, vivacious state of being that allows whatever we desire to make its way into our existence. But how do we accomplish this state of blissfulness when we’ve made a practice of worrying and stressing, dwelling on the past and the “what is” or the “why me” for so long?

STOP giving into feeling bad, angry or any other negative emotion. Just stop! When something goes wrong or you receive bad news, make it your business to do something that makes you feel good—immediately! If it’s walking, listening to music, working out, writing or dancing; get yourself in a good feeling place. And don’t talk about it! Resist the temptation to keep the negative energy active. Easier said than done, I know, but give it all you’ve got; it’s worth it. Feeling good is your point of receptivity to achieving all things good.

No matter what we’re dealing with, a good, restful sleep is the best medicine. There is no resistance in thought as you slumber.  Sleep energizes both the mind and body. Not only is your memory improved, it boosts your mood. Sleep withdraws your attention from problematic issue and enables you to address it later from a better place.

A good snooze works to reset our emotions, recharge and start anew. Mostly, we can see more clearly and put things into perspective. Rid yourself of stress and anxiety by sleeping and wake up at a new point of optimism. So when complicated situations arise and your world seems to be spinning out of control, go on, take a nap.

Meditation is a powerful technique that positions us in a place to quiet the noise and the negative chatter that invades our thoughts. Calming the mind through mediation brings about an inner peace, encourages clarity and rejuvenates emotions toward a more positive outlook. What we desire wants to ease into our reality because we have asked for it.

Want to realize dreams, attract prosperity, good health and Mr. Right? Pay deliberate attention to your emotional well-being. Feeling good, happy and positive will improve your point of attraction. Alignment with the universal source of creation raises your vibration and the changes in your life will be measurably notable. Answers will come almost effortlessly. Your timing will be on point. There will be an increase in discernment and creativity. You will delight in prosperity. Desires will manifest with ease. Seriously!

When you find yourself contented, being grateful and feeling happy for no reason, rejoice. You’re getting there. Coming into alignment by feeling good was simple in theory. Retraining my thoughts and adopting new practices proved to be an arduous undertaking, frustrating at times. You see, it had been my desire to reach multitudes of people through the words I’ve penned…and here you are reading them.

About the author

Jennifer Burton

As an author, producer, screenwriter, founder of ALEXZUS Media and BurSel Black Wine, Jennifer inspires women to live boundlessly. Engage with her on a variety of issues from lifestyle and wellness to topics impacting women's social and economic empowerment.