Ask . . . And Believe You Will Receive

Before I set forth to accomplish any goal, I preface the journey with a positive and powerful mantra that says, “Ask and Believe You Will Receive.”  Out of the bible, the powerful scripture hailed by so many tells us,  “Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Seems simple enough, right?  Then why are so many women living their lives contrary to that which they have asked for, prayed about or envisioned?

As I was listening to a self-development discussion recently about realizing dreams; it occurred to me why many are not receiving that which they are asking for.  In my former understanding I thought, you express to GOD, the creator, the universe, (however you choose to name your higher power) a clear intention of what it is that we want.  Now BELIEVE you will RECEIVE.  If you’re like me, when things didn’t manifest, you chalk it up as ‘not meant to be’, bad timing or you place the blame on some outside circumstance.

Coming out of meditation one day, it was revealed to me that there’s more to the ‘faith based’ principle than we’re practiced at. Take this situation of example.  You’ve asked for your dream house, complete with a pool, a tennis court, a fitness room and a theatre.  You’ve mapped out your 3-year plan (or maybe 5). You’ve envisioned your dream home down to the furnishings and appliances and then comes the bad news.

The company in which you’ve devoted 27 years to just gave you notice that’s it’s downsizing and your services will no longer be needed—just in time to deny you a pension.   It feels like you’ve been punched in the gut.  Your life’s work has come down to a severance package, an unemployment check and a 401k plan you’re advised not to touch.

“I asked!” you exclaim.  “And believed I would receive my dream house and now this!”  Devastated, the fear mounts, your faith is sabotaged by doubt and you spiral into depression.  You dwell on the past pondering what went wrong and the dreaded tune of “Why me” plays on.  Where would you stand in your belief given the same circumstances? Honestly.

I would have experienced some of the very same emotions, but here’s what I’ve learned. When we say we believe, we have to hold unwavering confidence that the Divine Source is lighting the path to the desire we have asked for.  And since we don’t know what the path is, we simply have to trust that the universe is working toward accomplishing that desire. Believing is unconditional, no matter the present circumstances or the time it takes to see manifestation.

So in that situation, consider this.  What if that position was taken away from you because it would be impossible to achieve your dream on that income? The money you received from that severance package is enough to launch the business that’s been calling you for decades.  You have the talent, the experience and the time to ride the entrepreneurial wave.  It’s risky business, no doubt, but what do you have to lose?

You’re in a place now of endless possibilities and no limit to achieving wealth.   You’re committed on a level you’d never imagined (and loving it) and in 28 (36, 48 or 60) months, you’re lounging comfortably on a sofa in that house that your job could have never afforded you.  Do you get my meaning?  That so-called disappointment catapulted you to the lifestyle of your dreams.

How many of you would have stayed in faith, believing for the manifestation under those circumstances?  Which one of you would have become paralyzed by the so-called injustice, comforted yourself in victimization mode and confined yourself to another job (or two) that paid you a portion of what you were earning in your former position?  Prior to arriving at my new understanding, it would have been a struggle to stay in faith.

“The miracle comes in the movement,” I’ve often heard (and found to be true) so it is imperative to keep going, no matter what. Be deterred NOT moving through unchartered waters, life’s disappointments or the road less traveled. Stay in alignment with self, with your pursuits and be there to see the unfolding. Now go ahead, ASK….And BELIEVE you will RECEIVE!

About the author

Jennifer Burton

As an author, producer, screenwriter, founder of ALEXZUS Media and BurSel Black Wine, Jennifer inspires women to live boundlessly. Engage with her on a variety of issues from lifestyle and wellness to topics impacting women's social and economic empowerment.